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Top 10 Home Upgrades That Will Boost the Value of Your Home

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Upgrades to Consider for Your New or Custom Home Build

If you are buying a new build home, then you may have been asked if you want to opt into any home upgrades. Deciding whether to go ahead with house upgrades can be an intimidating prospect, as you consider whether the additional cost will bring a return on investment in the long run.

There are many different upgrade options to consider, from flooring to roofing, but which are the best ones to say yes to?

Our handy guide will let you in on what a home upgrade is, whether your new home is off-plan or a custom build.

What is a Home Upgrade?

A home upgrade is a builder-offered improvement that you can choose to include in your-off plan home before the construction process has begun. Home upgrades can include extra rooms, kitchen counters, windows and more.

Why Upgrade a New Build?

There are two big reasons for adding upgrades to an off-plan new build:

  • To boost the overall value, and resale value, of the home.

  • To improve the aesthetic and functionality of the home.

Most builders will include specific fixtures, fittings and grades of finish in an off-plan home that suits the style and budget they are working with.

However, certain changes and upgrades can be offered to the future owner of the home, as long as the decisions are made before the home is built. This allows the builder to incorporate the upgrades into the home, ready for when the new owner takes possession.

If you decide to sell your home, it is likely your potential buyers will have a list of ‘must haves’ on which many of these optional upgrades will be featured. Including them in your home will make it stand out in the housing market.

10 Popular Home Upgrades for New Build Homes

Below is a list of ten of the most popular home upgrades that may be chosen by homebuyers who are buying an off-home plan:

  1. Kitchen Countertops. The kitchen is arguably the most-used area of the home, so any upgrades done here should be built to last. Quartz or granite countertops are durable and hygienic and will significantly increase the value of your home.

  2. T.V Wall Mount and Conduits. You can ask the builder to include extra studs and an outlet where you wish to mount your T.V. You can also ask the builder to create conduits in the walls so you can hide the cables. This gives a clean and uncluttered look that is appreciated by most discerning homebuyers.

  3. Extra Rooms. Builders may often offer an extra room as a possible upgrade, such as a loft, a sunroom, or an extra garage. It’s cheaper and less disruptive to add this kind of space at build time even if you don’t need it yet.

  4. Baseboards, Crown and Trim. Adding crown moldings or trim not only gives a classy finish but can help give the impression of a much larger space.

  5. Ceiling Fan Mounts. While most builders will include a standard grade of ceiling fans and light fixtures in the home, you can instead ask to just have the mounts installed, and bring your own chosen fans and lighting to the home.

  6. Carpet Padding. If your home includes carpet, or you know you plan to install it, you can upgrade to having underlayment padding installed first. This will not only make your carpet softer on the feet and help it last longer but will help deaden sound too.

  7. Windows. While vinyl frame windows are a standard installation now, you can choose to upgrade to triple-glazed or energy star windows which can help save energy and reduce electricity bills.

  8. Wired Ethernet. For people who plan to work from their new home, or just enjoy consistent internet, opt to include a hardwired ethernet network. This allows you to connect all of your devices without using your Wi-Fi.

  9. Extra Outlets. This is simple but effective. Since there are never enough outlets, having the builder install extra is a good idea.

  10. Underground Conduits. If you are planning an outdoor living room, opt to install landscape lighting, sprinkler lines or even an underground conduit upgrade to save a lot of hassle later.

Value-Added Additions for Your Custom Build Home

Perhaps you have decided to go one step further than an off-plan home and instead are working with a reputable company like White Wolf Homes on a custom build? In this case, a building upgrade won’t be necessary – after all, one of the benefits of a custom build is that you get what you want and need.

However, it is worth knowing that there are some features you can add to your custom home now that will make it more valuable, and sellable, should you ever decide to move on.

Features to consider adding to your custom home include:

  • Plenty of storage. By adding extra storage, whether it’s a dedicated space in your attic or basement, additional closets or even shelving in your garage, you ensure everything has a place and your home remains uncluttered.

  • Quality kitchens and bathrooms. A high-quality kitchen will not only last you through years of heavy use but will remain functional and attractive without looking dated. Buyers appreciate not having to upgrade these big-ticket items when buying a home.

  • Home offices. Dedicated office spaces are likely to remain in high demand for those who work from home or have a crafty hobby.

  • Laundry rooms. If you have the space, create a separate laundry room where this household chore can be dealt with, without creating a mess around the home.

  • Multipurpose rooms. Adding an extra room, or bonus space is always a good idea for you and potential buyers in the future. Whether it ends up as another bedroom, a storage area, an office or even a workshop, the extra space will be welcomed.

  • Adding a deck. A deck suitable for entertaining is a great addition to any custom home and will score big resale points. Whether you BBQ, entertain friends, take up container gardening or simply indulge in a few moments of peace, a deck is valuable extra square footage.

  • Finished basements. Even if you don’t need the extra space yet, always choose a finished basement for your custom home. A bit like the multi-purpose room above, it is ready to be used as required. You may even consider the addition of a legal suite if local bylaws allow.

Customize Your Next Home with White Wolf Homes

With our experience and expertise in designing off-plan and custom homes in the Victoria, BC region, White Wolf Homes can ensure your new home includes all the upgrades and extras you desire.

Whether you are in the market for your first house or your next one, contact us today to find out about our upcoming off-plan builds or how to get started with your dream custom home.

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