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All About Us

We are custom home builders and renovation specialists in Victoria, B.C.. We go into every job with the goal of ensuring we are working with integrity and achieving a high quality standard. When it comes to building custom homes, our philosophy is to keep open and honest communication with our clients. We know how important of a decision it is to build your own home and when you trust us with building it we understand the responsibility that means for us. 


We aim to bring transparency to every custom home build in Victoria, BC that we build. We have a team with exceptional expertise in the building industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced team goes in to each custom home with intentions of bringing our expertise to the home while ultimately listening to what our clients want. Our software program allows our clients to be fully engaged and understand where their budget and timeline for their project is tracking.


When we started developing properties in 2015, we quickly realized just how different our philosophy was to some of the other contractors in the market place.  When it came to naming our business we wanted to stand for something - something symbolic that aligned with our morals and ethics not just as a company but as humans as well.


A white wolf symbolizes righteousness and wisdom, and as a custom home builder we feel these are two very important attributes to strive for.  It's one thing to talk the talk, but we at White Wolf aim to walk the talk.  We strive to bring integrity, quality and aim to uphold a high standard of ethics in our business relationships with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers. 


We want to build more than just houses- we want to build homes- homes that bring our families together, better our communities and will add benefit to the neighborhoods they are constructed in.


We are a fully licensed General Contractor in the Victoria area.

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