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Bathroom Renovations in Victoria, BC

If you're looking to do some bathroom renovations in your Victoria BC area home, look no further than White Wolf Homes. 

Bathrooms are often overlooked as a place to make a big impact with design. But bathrooms are not just utilitarian spaces, they’re also places where we relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.

Bathroom renovations aren't just about adding new fixtures and finishes. They should also create a relaxing environment that makes us feel refreshed after a long day. 

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, it may seem like an overwhelming task. As one of the most important rooms in your house, a bathroom renovation deserves thoughtful consideration, detailed planning, and high-quality workmanship.


That’s where our team of Victoria bathroom renovation experts and licensed general contractors at White Wolf Homes come in.

During your complimentary first consultation, we’ll spend time getting to know you and what you want for your bathroom renovation project. By asking a series of questions and brainstorming with you, we can help you pinpoint your perfect design and desired materials, hardware, layout and more.

Bathroom Renos Start with a Design Plan

Do you have an idea in mind of what you'd like to include in your custom bathroom? Do some research online for bathroom renovation ideas that you like and consult with your design team at White Wolf. They will be able to guide you, based on the size of your space and your budget, on what will look and fit best.

The average cost of a bathroom renovation is about $20,000 - $40,000, with variances for the size and contents of your space. If you have a budget in mind, your designer can help tailor a plan that includes elements that are important to you. For example:

●      Tile: Do you want tile in your shower as well as on your bathroom walls?

●      Vanity/Mirror: What size will your vanity be - single or double sink? Do you need a custom mirror for your space? What bathroom countertops do you want to be installed?

●      Shower/Bath: Do you want a shower, tub, or both? Standalone tub, walk-in shower or tub/shower combo? Do you need custom glass for your shower?

●      Extra Space: Where will you put your bathroom accessories - towels, toiletries, etc.? Do you want to add any additional shelving to your space?

●      Customization: Do you want to add in-floor heating to your bathroom? Do you want a rain shower head in your shower? Think of any additional comforts that you may want to add to your bathroom renovation plan. 

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Why Renovate your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are the bookends of our daily life. This humble, often under-appreciated room is where we get ready for the day and it’s the last room we visit before sinking into our beds at night.

As our sanctuary in the home, the bathroom should be a haven of peace. If it isn’t…maybe it’s time for a change. Here are some reasons why you should consider a bathroom renovation:


●      A modern bathroom adds value to your property

●      You want to update your home's style

●      You're tired of looking at the same old bathroom every day

●      You want to improve the functionality of your bathroom by updating its plumbing, lighting, flooring, and other features

●      You want a spa-like experience when you step into your bathroom

●      You want a room that feels clean and fresh

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Building a Better Bathroom

At White Wolf Homes, we know that organization is key to keeping renovations smooth, on-time and as stress and hassle-free as possible.


To make sure your bathroom reno goes smoothly, we use industry-specific software to keep your renovation project completely organized. We source trusted tradespeople to complete every aspect of your dream bathroom, with an experienced project manager to oversee it all.

Final Looks and Ongoing Service

No bathroom renovation project is complete without a thorough inspection, from your ceiling light fixtures right down to your radiant in-floor heating. Our dedicated staff will inspect construction, plumbing and electrical systems before deeming the renovation complete.

Our job doesn’t end when your bathroom renovation is complete. After our team of contractors and tradespeople have cleaned up and left the site, our commitment to top-level customer service picks up where the physical work leaves off.

If you have any concerns with how your Victoria BC bathroom renovation project was completed or the quality of work our team did, we’ll be right there to address your concerns promptly and with care.

​Let White Wolf Homes help you build the bathroom of your dreams.

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