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As home designers in Victoria BC, our team believes that the design of your home is the most important part of the build, to ensure that you build what you truly want.

It's all about planning

When you design your home with us, we will listen to you about what is important to you, however we'll also advise you on whether it's functional. Sometimes things look good on paper but when it comes to your specific build site, or needs it doesn't actually work. Our experience designers have a combined experience of 30 years in the building industry starting with hands on experience to understand whether the design actually works when it comes time to build it.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you'll make in your life, why not take the time to get it how you want it?  Our experienced design team will take the time to listen, and ensure we get it right for you.

The design of your home is the most important part of the home building process. Taking the time in the design process to ensure you're building the home you want is critical.

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Why Choose Us

At White Wolf Homes, we not only design homes but also build them so we understand what looks good on paper and also what can actually work when it comes time to build the house. We understand the important details that your trades will need to see on the plans to build the house you want without room for error.


We also design homes to sell and bring to the market as spec homes. This allows us to not only design beautiful homes but also provide input on important design features to take in to consideration if you're worried about resale one day. We understand what home buyers are looking for and can advise if needed.

We take pride in our design process and in the plans that we produce and can ensure a smooth handover to White Wolf Homes team for a build or another home builder in Victoria BC.

The Process with White Wolf Design


During your initial consultation with our design team we will get to know your project, and what your dream is for your new home. We'll ask a lot of questions to ensure we understand what you are looking for before we begin the design process.

Design Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire that we have developed to help you with thinking through what you are looking for in your new home. This questionnaire is designed to allow you to think through each step of the process of designing your home. By answering the questions in this document, we will have all of the answers we need to start designing your home in Victoria BC.

Initial Concept Review with concept renderings

Our team will do an initial layout based on your wants and needs and will do a couple of concept exterior renderings (digital photos) to show what the home they designed will look like. They will also consult the zoning bylaw where you are building to determine the size of your house and any limitations in the bylaw.


At this point, they will present the concept floor plan to you for your thoughts and input. This will prevent them from going too far with the design process before getting your feedback. They will tell you to spend a lot of time going through the floor plan to ensure you can picture the space working for your life.

Final design

Once you are happy with your design and our design team has checked that it conforms to bylaws in the region you are building, we will then finalize the design and present it to you.

Working drawings

Once the conceptual phase (exterior & interior ) has been completed and approved by the client, we transition into working drawings. These are drawings that will have all the detailed information for municipal approval and are needed for additional coordination with engineering and consultants. Once the working drawings are submitted and approved for a building permit we will create one final IFC (issued for Construction) set, that includes any special notes, colors etc. and are ready to build from.

Our Latest Home Designs



2021 Built

This stunning home was designed with a mid century modern concept and a U-shaped home design surrounding a swimming pool. 


2022 Built

Designed as a spec home and customized to fit the home buyers needs and wants.

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Meet our Design Team

Megan has 9 years experience in the design industry graduating from PDA in 2013.

Megan does our interior design and the more detailed part of your building plans.


Megan will think through the small details that you'll appreciate in your home once you move in.


Meet our Design Team

Evan has over 20 years of experience in the building industry.

Evan has designed everything from condo buildings in Langford to 5+ million dollar homes.

Evans strength is designing homes that are both beautiful and functional.

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