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What is the Ideal Master Bedroom Size?

What to Consider When Planning the Size of Your Master Bedroom

Whether you prefer something cozy or a luxurious master suite, the master bedroom size you choose should be big enough to contain your furniture without feeling crowded.

The master bedroom is your retreat from the world, a place to rest and recuperate, and a room that deserves prioritization when planning a custom home build or renovation.

In this post, we’ll talk about the average bedroom size for master suites, how to choose the right-sized master bedroom for your needs and some master bedroom must-haves.

What is a Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom, or primary bedroom, is simply the largest bedroom in the house. Whether it is used by the homeowner, the parents of a family or shared by children, as the biggest space, it can be used however best meets the needs of the residents.

In some larger homes, the master bedrooms can be entire suites that may contain walk-in closets and master bathrooms. Particularly luxurious examples may also include fireplaces, window nooks and sitting areas.

What is the Most Common Master Bedroom Size?

A master bedroom really can be any size, as long as it’s the biggest of the bedrooms in a home. That said, there are some standard bedroom size ranges for this room:

  • Small bedroom. In apartments, master bedrooms are on average 12 x 15 feet, while in bungalows they can be slightly larger at an average of 12 xx 18 feet. Ceiling heights would usually be 8 feet.

  • Standard bedroom. For houses of 2,000 to 2,500 square feet, the average size master bedroom ranges from 14 x 18 feet to 15 x 20 feet, with 8 feet high ceilings.

  • Large bedroom. For houses of 2,500 to 2,999 square feet, master bedroom sizes can range from 15 x 20 feet to 16 x 22 feet. The ceiling height in these homes can be 8 feet to 10 feet.

  • Extra large. For homes greater than 3,000 square feet, master suite average size may range from 16 x 22 feet to 20 x 20 feet, and even larger. Ceiling heights over 8 feet and up to 13 feet high are often seen at this size.

As you can see, the average master bedroom size varies depending on the overall size of the home, however, the average bedroom size for a master bedroom is in the region of 225 square feet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Master Bedroom Size

When planning your future master bedroom, whether it’s an extension to your current home, a significant renovation or part of a custom new build home, there are a few things you’ll have to take into consideration:

  • The size of your home. This may seem obvious, but the size of your home will end up dictating the size of your master bedroom. If you’re having a home custom built and you have already settled on the overall house size, then there will be a point at which your master bedroom can get no bigger without affecting the rest of the spaces in the home. This guidance on choosing the best size for your custom home may be helpful if you are still in the planning stage.

  • Layout of your home. Whether your home is a one-story may also impact the square footage available for a master bedroom as other rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms will be competing for space.

  • Your budget. All renovation and construction projects are determined by the homeowner’s budget. Larger and more luxurious master bedrooms or suites may create additional costs compared to a standard bedroom size.

  • Your personal taste. If you’re a person who likes a cozy room, you may want to consider a smaller master bedroom. If you’re someone who craves space, you may want to opt for something on the larger side.

  • Living in it. Smaller master bedrooms can still offer enough space for everything you need, but it may be tough to add a bathroom and extra closets to the room.

  • Sleeping in it. If you absolutely must have a king-size bed, make sure the room is large enough to house it and the other furniture you need without being overcrowded.

  • Furnishing it. Aside from your bed, a small master bedroom should be able to fit 2 side tables, a dresser, a wardrobe (or built-ins) and 2 sitting chairs or a loveseat.

  • Cleaning it. With greater size comes greater cleaning. Small master bedrooms will take less time to clean, while larger master bedrooms will be easier to move a vacuum around.

  • Heating and cooling it. Larger bedrooms will consume more energy to heat them in the winter and cool them in the summer.

Ultimately, the size of your home will determine how big you can make your master bedroom.

The Top 5 Master Bedroom Must-Haves

The master bedroom, as a personal haven for the homeowner, often gets the VIP treatment when it comes to adding choice amenities. From stylish beds to spa-like bathrooms, the list below has all that’s needed to make your master bedroom like a slice of heaven.

  • A walk-in closet. Storage space is always a good thing. Allowing your wardrobe and accessories plenty of breathing room means you have a place for everything.

  • A book nook. Who doesn’t want a little reading space in their personal haven? With a bookshelf or two and a comfortable chair, you can have a place to quietly enjoy some of your favourite authors.

  • A stylish bed. The bed you sleep in should have a bit of your personality. As the centerpiece of any bedroom, it deserves to make a statement with an oversized headboard or a canopy.

  • A skylight. If your master bedroom is in your roof space, consider adding a skylight. A well-placed skylight will allow extra natural light in while letting you stare at the night sky.

  • A spa-like bathroom. A great master bedroom needs a great ensuite bathroom with all the comforts of a spa. Why not include a soaker tub, radiant in-floor heating or natural accents?

For more inspiration, see these stunning master bedroom design ideas from The Spruce.

Step into your Dream Master Bedroom with White Wolf Homes

Dreaming about a new master bedroom? White Wolf Homes can make those dreams a reality. Whether you are looking to build a custom home or are considering a major home renovation, we can help ensure your master bedroom is the star of the show.

Serving the Victoria, BC area. Contact us to find out how we can help you create the ideal home for your needs.

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