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Custom House Building Checklist

Steps To Building a House Checklist

A custom house building checklist can make turning your forever home from dream to reality feel less intimidating. If you already know you want a custom home build, check off the first step.

However, knowing how to build a custom home might help you make a more informed decision if you're conflicted between buying a new home or building one.

This guide for prospective custom homeowners will cover the essential steps to building your own home. This house building checklist is intended to help you prepare for a custom home project and better understand the key steps in the home building process.

✅ Figure Out Your Budget Range

It may not be realistic to set an exact budget from the start and expect your custom home project to adhere to it. At this stage, too many variables could affect your custom home's total cost.

Nevertheless, it’s important to determine a budget range as soon as possible. A budget range prepares you for both anticipated and unexpected costs. Some important factors to consider while determining your budget range include:

  • Do you need to secure a home construction loan or mortgage? Are you comfortable with the down payment and the monthly payments?

  • If you still need to buy the land for your new home, how much are you willing to spend? What is the average home price in the neighbourhood you want to live in?

  • What amount can you set aside for a contingency budget?

  • What budget range does your financial advisor recommend?

✅ Consult the Experts

Building your home from scratch can seem like a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to do it alone. It’s a good idea to consult a custom home builder and designer early in the process.

A trustworthy builder will ease you into the project, guide you along the way, and bring your vision to life. They can draw on their knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

✅ Acquire Land

Now that you have a budget range and a team of experts you trust, it’s time to choose the location of your forever home. Victoria, BC, has some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the country, each with its own unique charm and community.

As a proud Victoria native and the founder of White Wolf Homes, Kyle Velikovsky can recommend the most suitable neighbourhoods based on your lifestyle and the type of home you want.

If you already own the land for your future custom home, it’s important to schedule a site visit prior to construction. A site feasibility study allows your builder to identify the advantages of that location and estimate the potential hard and soft costs of your custom home.

✅ Talk to Your Municipality’s Planning Department

After deciding where you want to live, the next step is to find all the restrictions that apply to your lot. Every municipality has their own set of zoning bylaws that regulate the following:

  • Land Use: Only certain areas are designated by the city for residential use.

  • Building Type, Size, and Structure: The city might regulate dimensions such as height, density, and building setbacks from the street in an attempt to preserve the character of your neighbourhood.

  • Landscaping: In some cases, a permit is required to change the landscape of your land. This is implemented to protect the natural environment in the area.

In addition, many natural areas on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are protected as conservation lands. If your lot is near a conservation area, it could affect what you’re allowed to build on your land.

Your custom home builder will provide you with all this information after a site survey. First, however, you should further familiarize yourself with the bylaws that apply to your future home by consulting your municipality’s planning department.

✅ Create Your Dream Custom Home Design

This step in the custom house building checklist is when your vision comes to life. With the help of your custom home designer, you can transform the amazing home you have in mind into tangible house plans.

If you have a list of ideas and must-haves for your home, communicate this to your designer. Similarly, if you have a compilation of images from sites such as Houzz or Pinterest that contain elements you would like to see in the interior or exterior design of your home, feel free to share them with your designer.

The more clarity you give your designer and builder, the easier it’ll be for them to create the perfect custom house design for you. If you already know the size, layout, number of floors, number of rooms, and materials you want, this can accelerate the design phase significantly.

✅ Secure the Right Permits

Once you’re happy with your site and floor plan, your builder will apply for the necessary permits to begin construction. This phase of the house building checklist requires cooperation with other professionals such as municipal planners, structural engineers, and energy advisors.

The good news is that your custom home builder will take care of these technical details for you. They can secure permits on your behalf and ensure your custom home is built in accordance with all standards and regulations.

✅ Trust Your Builder

During construction, you really want to be able to fully trust your custom home builder. This is why its important to find a builder you trust who will have your best interests at heart.

Although several factors could affect the construction timeline of your home, building a house typically takes 6 months to a year. A reputable builder will be completely transparent about the expected completion date of the different phases.

At White Wolf Homes, we understand how difficult it can be to place your confidence in other people especially when it comes to something as valuable as your forever home. For this reason, we like to earn your trust by communicating regularly with you and answering any questions you have throughout the process.

✅ Move In and Enjoy Your Forever Home

The last and final step in the custom home building checklist is to move into the home made specifically for you and your lifestyle. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy your home to the fullest.

Building the perfect home is supposed to excite you, not stress you out. Creating your dream home from scratch instead of stumbling upon it might seem more challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Guidance from experts and tools such as this custom home building checklist can ensure this once-in-a-lifetime project goes smoothly.

If you’re considering a custom build but don’t know where to start, we can help. Our professional team of custom home designers and builders are happy to guide you through this exciting process.

At White Wolf Homes, we are passionate about building homes that perfectly suit their owners and complement their lifestyle in the Victoria, BC area.

Feel free to browse our latest developments for some inspiration, and contact us for a free consultation. Let’s build your dream home together!

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